Rescue: Cascade Centers

Cascade is a leader and innovator in the evolution of EAPs and is an early adopter of new services and points of access. Cascade’s EAP provides member groups’ employees and family members a comprehensive, full service EAP with a focus on customer service, technology, outcomes, and integrated wellness.

Julie Marshall, Chief Operating Officer reached out to us to initially see about having us take over support from their current developer, who was unresponsive and unavailable to make key changes to Cascade’s core applications. They had been waiting over two years for some changes, and it was really starting to impact their business. This is very common in our industry, and we have many clients who were originally in the same situation.

Cascade’s ASP.NET application was built on a much older version of Microsoft’s .NET framework, and incorporated a proprietary set of libraries that the previous developer was unwilling to release to us for continued development. We were able to overcome these issues and begin to make changes to the core application. We have been working with Cascade for about a year now, and have revamped the user interface, added many new features, including integrating their application with a 3rd party system to pull in web analytics.

Currently we are hardening the security of the application by adding more encryption, improving reporting and adding features that have been requested for a long time.