Rescue: paraclete XP SkyVenture

Paraclete XP SkyVenture is currently the largest vertical wind tunnel in the United States in terms of power and size. We aren’t kidding when we say “big”. Our tunnel has 4 fans at 541 horsepower each to give a great range of air speed for all requirements including free flying and military operations. The diameter of our tunnel is also something to be quite proud of. At 16’5″ in diameter (and 53′ tall) – this tunnel opens up all new possibilities like doing any 4-way formation and most 8-way formations with ease and first-time flyers can not only practice flying in place but learn movement over a considerable distance.

Paraclete approached us to help them maintain and support their existing custom ASP.NET order entry and management system. The previous developer was their employee, but he had left to go work for another company. We were able to review and take over development of the application, adding new features, fixing bugs, adding reports, and a variety of other features. We began working on a totally redesigned user experience, but that project has been put on hold.